Exciting News: TaTuBBQ Is Up For Sale Again. **Important Clarification from TaTu BBQ**

Dear Valued Customers and Community Members,

I want to address an important matter regarding recent developments at TaTu BBQ. Contrary to earlier reports, our domain, tatubbq.com, is not up for sale and never was. That was the misunderstanding.

I want to clarify that only the hard assets associated with our business and two exclusive licenses—the "Recipe Usage Agreement" and the "Company Name Usage Agreement"—are currently available for acquisition.

This decision was made to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality BBQ to our loyal customers. We deeply regret any confusion this may have caused and sincerely appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this phase.

I remain dedicated to serving the Anchorage community and finding the right person to uphold the high standards of quality and service you have come to expect from TaTu BBQ. As we seek the right buyer, our priority is ensuring they are fully aligned with our values, trained by myself, use our award-winning seasoning, and committed to maintaining the excellence of TaTu BBQ. Thank you for your continued support and trust during this transition.
If you have any questions, please call me at (206) 979-4686.

Warm regards,

Patrick J. Momany
Owner, TaTu BBQ
Anchorage, AK
(206) 979-4686

1st place in beef

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I spent 10 years in Texas and found TaTu BBQ to be a match for Texas BBQ right here in Kingston.

Competition Winning Ribs

Don't get a big head, but these are the best ribs I have eaten in my entire life! ...Johnathan 

womans-face-1I stopped by your bar-b-q table outside a café a while back and have to say your pulled pork sandwich was and is the best by far I have ever tasted! Congrats and keep up the hard work!  Nothing compares…even down south! I bought a smoker last year and still can't master the secret! I’m very inspired by your accomplishment and so is the fam! ...Cheryl XXX

Frequently Asked Questions

Look and act like a Winner – Always!

Flavor says it all

When exploring how to smoke competition grade barbecue with perfection, it’s good to know the essential flavors of various types of BBQ meats. I personally feel that simplicity is usually best. Too many contradicting flavors can take away from the flavor of the meat and will likely overwhelm your taste buds. With barbecue, the woods used during the smoking, the spices used for rubbing and marinating (if you must) the meat should enhance flavor and not over power it.