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Affordable - Large or Small
*Pick up, Delivery, Set-up, Service and a Sit Down Venue are available at this time - On-site Smoking is coming soon.

Our World-Renowned BBQ has Catered Large and Small, On Site and Off

We've Cater from 6 to 600

All our BBQ products are slow-smoked "Texas-style" 
with a mixture of fruitwood providing the best BBQ flavor possible.


Corn Bread, BBQ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw. Or whatever you want.


Pork Butt rubbed with our personalized blend, smoked for ten (6-10) or more hours and finished in the TaTu way until it melts in your mouth. Served pulled with our homemade BBQ sauce.


We proudly only serve Baby Back or St. Louis style ribs.

Select meaty, juicy pork Baby Back ribs or Pork Spare ribs hand-trimmed to perfect St. Louis style and seasoned with TaTu's award-winning Signature Artisan Rub, slowly smoked for six (4-6) hours, then served with our own developed Artisan BBQ Sauces on the side, NEVER on top.


Beef Brisket, rubbed, smoked and finished in the Texan way until it melts in your mouth. Served sliced or chopped with our Artisan BBQ sauces on the side.


TaTu's SPECIALTY! Chicken brushed with our secret WHITE BBQ sauce then rubbed and slow-smoked to perfection. (The fruit wood smoking process we use adds a slightly sweeter flavor to chicken)


Oyster, Salmon, Mushroom, Brats, Hamburger, Vegetarian Skewers, Different Fruits, Lamb, Turkey, Eggs, Clams, Whole Hogs, Prime Rib. So be creative.


Our philosophy is a bit different from others, in that our pricing is NOT based on preset menu combinations, it is based upon the Cost Of Goods, that is why you don't see any pricing on this page. Take for example; you want more chicken breast than leg quarters or the price of meat is on sale, we will always cost out your event accordingly. 

We will sit down with you and determine the best menu that fits your event and budget. Many times this will be below the cost of other caters'.


We believe our smoke (NOT from a bottle) is the finest around. We serve our BBQ
with Artisan Traditionally-made sauces (Ghostly Hot, Sweet&Sassy, and Carolina Mustard) your choice, on the side.
(The real measure of true BBQ is how good the food is without the sauce!)

SLS Ribs

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